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Home health Care Plus provides specialty programs for Alzheimer's, Dementia services, fall prevention, disability and all ages services.

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Home Health Care For
Alzheimer’s & Dementia

For seniors and their families, Alzheimer’s & dementia and the care challenges both create can be overwhelming. Home Health Care Plus can help!

We provide all levels of Alzheimer & dementia care right at home, and make it possible for seniors challenged with the disease to stay in their own familiar environment and to age with dignity and comfort for as long as possible.

At Home Health Care Plus, we recognize that excellent care for individuals with Alzheimer & dementia goes beyond ensuring safety and meeting basic daily needs. The client should be involved in making decisions about their own care to the greatest extent possible and we work to make that a reality.

Home Health Care Plus Plan For
Fall Prevention

Elderly Care, In Home Personal Care, Non Medical Home Care

Most seniors report that falling is, understandably, of great concern. As a person ages, physical changes to eyesight, balance, muscle tone and bone structure make falling and sustaining a serious injury more likely. Home Health Care Plus caregivers are trained to safeguard you from the risks of falling, which enhances confidence and helps you maintain your healthy and independent lifestyle at home.

Preventing a fall can be a simple matter of taking some basic steps to minimize the risks. With the help of Home Health Care Plus, review the safety practices shown in our Fall & Prevention brochure and take a good look around your home to be sure it’s safe as can be.

Disability Care Services in Philadelphia, PA

Personal Care Assistance, Elderly Care, In Home Personal Care

The Respite Care Program from Home Health Care Plus provides families with reliable, quality assistance so they can take an occasional break from caregiving without worry.

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Disability Care Services

Adults with physical disabilities or challenges often need hands-on care and daily assistance. For many families, providing that care day-in and day-out can be overwhelming, stressful and have a negative impact on family stability. At Home Health Care Plus we have experience dealing with many of these illnesses for both young adults and seniors. With Home Health Care Plus as a care partner, family members can go back to work and not worry about their loved ones. Or, just as importantly, when the family spends time with their loved one it will truly be “quality time.”

All Ages of Care

No matter what the age (18 to 60 plus), there are times when we all need a little help with the activities of daily living. Surgery, injury and challenges created by disabilities can make it tough to take care of yourself or your loved ones, and that’s when we can help, for as short or long a time as you need.

After hospitalization
Dealing with or recovering from illness
When adjusting to a new disability
After surgical procedures
After suffering a closed head injury or other disabling trauma
After sustaining injuries from a motor vehicle accident

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